Utopia Golf Membership

For golfers who wish to play our course regularly, all usual brackets of membership are available: single, family, student, senior, or non-resident. Social memberships are available for those who may not be avid golfers but wish to show support of our golf course. These members are welcome to use the clubhouse and grounds for relaxed entertainment at all times. A fitness room with state-of-the-art equipment is available for health-conscious adults wishing to improve their body conditioning with exercise other than playing the golf course. Single-play Utopia Golf rates are also available.

Utopia Golf Course
Membership Rates
(One month free if paid in one annual installment)
Individual $95/mo
Family $20/mo each additional
Junior $25/mo
Corporate $175/mo
Non-resident $65/mo
Fitness Room Membership Rates
Members $15/mo
Non-Members $30/mo (paid in 6 month installments)
Social Membership rates
Yearly $120/year